Peachick severly hurt


9 Years
Jul 8, 2010
Our peachicks are about 4 months old now, and have been slowly being introduced to free range. I brought them into the barn last night, locked everyone up. They are in with a few chickens (6), but have been for several days with no issues. The peachicks normally fly up into the rafters for the night.

Went in this morning to check on everyone and let them out for the day. I couldn't find the two of them.... I ended up finding one peachick in the water trough, soaked. I took her out and saw that she has a huge wound on a wing. Looks like its down to the bone, although nothing appears to be broken. She is missing feathers. I took her up the house, gave her a bath to clean her and the wound off with warm water, cleaned it with betadine, and applied blue kote. She is now wrapped in a box in the house where it is nice and warm. She's alert, eating and drinking small amounts when offered, and preening herself. I did also apply an antibotic ointment for now.

I have Pen. injectable at the house from the chickens when one had an infection--Can this be used? It is about a year old though... I also have Trimethoprim sulfa (TMS), however that is even older and commonly used to treat uri in animals.

The other peachick is gone. No clue where he is, and he normally answers or comes when I whistle to him. I don't see any feathers, and did not see a body. I don't know if he's just staying hidden, or if he's just gone? He normally does not leave her side either.
Just a small update: so far she seems ok! She is very alert, has been eating very well and is drinking up a storm. She is going to the bathroom and no longer appears shocky. I let her out of the carrier for a little bit before I cleaned her wing. She seemed to be having fun walking around and exploring the house. She was also able to fully strech her wings and I was glad to see her able to move the wing. She is keeping it lowered but can move it.

She is a fighter. I found her cold and lifeless when she hatched under a broody chicken who ended up leaving her, and brought her back from that. I hope I can save her this time too. I think she deserves a name, any suggestions? I'll post pictures shortly.

Still no sign of her buddy, I searched the property on and off all day. He is just gone, no feathers or anything. I am hoping he may be perched in the woods and will be safe and come out to the other peas. I am not expecting to see him again though.
I would remove the chicks from the chickens. This could likely be the cause of injury. The chickens could have killed the other and trampled it flat or eaten it after it was dead. Morbid I know, but they are not very selective in what they eat (chickens that is)
I also do not think it was the chickens. If nothing more I'd have found bones or some trace of a carcass. The chickens that are in the barn are also 3 silkies, and the 4 month old chicks were as big as if not larger then them, as well as a rooster and his three sex link hens. I can see the rooster possibly causing injury... However there is not one sign of fighting. The normal molting feather here and there but nothing that suggests a fight.
Unfortunately a sneaky silent killer is a rat. I had one get in my coop years ago. I too had a chicken with deep wounds and another completely missing. Check under any boards you can find and you will find the bird or the remains. The rat will kill them while they are sleeping and the birds will not know what hit them. I believe one tried to carry the injured one but it got caught it the water thing
X2 I was thinking rat also. I have seen rats attack full grown turkeys and run them off the nest and eat the eggs or chicks.

shchinchillas, Have you seen any signs that you may have rats?
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Maybe he just got stuck in the rafter framing? I've found chicks get into the oddest places, especially my peas. Once they start flying, it's like a circus.
We have spotted a few rats here and there, but I honestly thought nothing of it as it's a barn, and theres going to be rats when you have grain.... We've been shooting them when we see them, but are still seeing them here and there....

I'm betting that is the gulity culprit. We didn't want to bait them, as we didn't want the other animals to get into the bait... I may have to look at other options because clearly shooting them when we see them is not doing the job.

As a side note we are over 24 hours since finding the hen. She is even more active and alert this morning. Wound still looks healthy. She had a bit of free-time walking through the dinning room again this morning before I cleaned her up. I'm thinking we may name her "Jasmine" as it came to mind when treating her.
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