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Aug 7, 2014
Ok so small backstory before I get into it, my dad bought land from some people a few months ago about 45 mins from us. When he went to check it out, he realized they left behind about 30 chickens, 4 peacocks, and a pheasant. From what I was told there were more birds that they brought with them so I guess they just left behind some of the less desirable or older birds. I had some experience with raising ducks that now live on our land so he though it'd be a good idea to build a very large coop with separated sections for the different birds.
Fast forward about 6 or 7 months, we're down to 2 peacocks, a few less chickens, and the same pheasant. The few chickens that died seemed to be old/unhealthy since we got them and the others have thrived so I'm not too worried about them. The peacocks are somewhat of a different story. We had one gray peacock, a green/colored one, and two all white peacocks. About two months into having them I found the gray one dead on the coop floor still with no clue what happened. I have no clue how old these birds are because I didn't raise them but I'm hoping she died of natural causes. We decided we wanted to let the peacocks roam around our land and thought there wouldn't be many problems because our ducks have done well. Once they were let out it was impossible to coax them back in. Night fell, and they found some shelter in trees so I hoped they would be fine. The next morning, we found one white peacock dead and the other two nowhere to be seen. We found them later that day but they were still reluctant to going back into the coop. The day after that, we found them both inside the coop up on their perch. Since then, I haven't let them out. They do have plenty of space in there, but I would much rather give them the freedom of moving wherever they want. In the future I want to let all of my birds have freedom during the day and preferably lock them up at night.
Any advice on what to do with my peacock situation, how to coax them back in if I let them out, or if I should let them out at all would be greatly appreciated.
Also if you have any knowledge about pheasants, what should I do with mine other than give it proper food, water, and shelter?

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