Peacock with CRD


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5 Years
May 28, 2014
Stagecoach, NV
I have a 2 year old peacock who is showing signs of CRD - he has the classic foamy eyes and swollen sinuses with sneezing and mild coughing. He still gets around well, eats and drinks, no lethargy or anything, poos look fine. I've medicated him (as well as my entire flock) with tetracycline (Tetroxy HCA) for 2 weeks as of tomorrow (Friday). His symptoms seem to come and go though. He'll look fine and then a couple hours later his sinuses are swollen again then they go down again...etc. The package says to medicate for 7-14 days, and tomorrow marks 14 days - what do I do if his symptoms don't completely go away? Should I give him Tylan as a precaution?

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