Peacocks 101 - help please


10 Years
Jan 8, 2010
Well......we've lost our 3rd and last baby from last year's hatch. :-( So sad. The parent birds are fine, as is the 2 year old female we added last fall. But the 3 babies we hatched in June 2009 have not made it.

We live in Northeastern PA, have a greenhouse frame pen, half closed off with plastic and heat lamps in the winter with a large dog plastic dog house bedded with straw for extra nesting, some high perches and a ladder, a gravel ground. They eat scratch, layer crumble, and sometimes some bread and treats from the kitchen, but not a lot. In the winter, they share a heated water bucket through the fence with the chickens.

SO...I think we need to start from the bottom up and re-vamp our peacock life. I'm interested in any and all advice about raising peacocks. Specifically:

How much space per bird?
Specs for an indoor inclosure? (height of perches, nest size, etc.)
Specs for an outdoor pen? (size, ground or gravel, perches, etc.)
What do feed, how much, in raised feeders or scattered on the ground, etc.?
Water - ok to share with the chickens? in buckets?

Anything else - do they need grit? OK to share a wire fence with the chicken coop or should we move the peacocks? How much heat in the winter? ANY information for newbies would be greatly appreciated. Its just too sad to loose the babies :-(


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