Peafowl are picky eaters


9 Years
Oct 27, 2010
Cement, OK
I have had my peafowl for a month & they don't eat there food! I have given them layer, crumble, game feed. None of it seems to leave the feeder. They eat cat food, corn, watermellon & cooked eggs. I have tried mixing feed in with eggs & other things but they won't touch it. They are acting fine, but I think they should be eating more. When I give them mellon & such sometimes they don't even look @ it for a few hours, so they are not starving. Overall I think they are thriving. The peahen has even laid 3 eggs this week-- since it is finally less than 110 now!
Peafowl are not voracious eaters. If they are in all appearances looking good then cut back on the treats. They will pick up on the gamebird 20% feed when it is the only choice.
I only give the treats a few times a week, I do feel they should be eating more. Think my chickens defiantly eat more. The peafowl might eat about the same as my guineas I guess??
Yes, peafowl really don't eat much for a large bird. My guineas are pigs. If penned they eat lots more than the peafowl do.

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