Peafowl Noise, How bad and at what age do they start?

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Joe.G, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Hi, I am still learning about Peafowl, I always hear people talk about how noisy they are. Mine are about 8 Months old, so far I have not heard a peep from them.

    At what age do they start to make noise?

    Are they noisy all year or just during breeding season?

    Do they make noise Like Guineas do for no reason all day long?

    What time of day do they seem to make the most noise?

    Do males and Females make noise?

    Do male and females sound the same?
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    Jun 24, 2012
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    I agree with casportpony's noise assessment.
    Our gang free ranges, so their noises are probably different.
    But they definitely get more worked up about everything at breeding season.

    These peas make a variety noises that I've noticed:
    The "I hear a loud noise like a truck/siren/helicopter" shriek. This seems to be males only.
    The "There's a coyote/bobcat/hawk, look out" honk. This seems to be males and females.
    The "Hey I'm lonely, where are you guys anyways?" honk, male and female.
    A variation, the "Hey I'm lonely" chirp-like noise. Male and female.
    The "I'm just getting off my nest for a drink of water so you predators don't get any ideas" honk. Females only.
    The "Where's my mommy?" sad chirp. From the youngsters.
    The "Ready or not, the time has come" yell from boys when they're about to "do the business," as it were.

    No matter how you look at it, you could never call them quiet!
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    Feb 19, 2012
    The male ( peacock) truely makes a kind of mating call from age two and a genuine full scale call with 4-5 notes from age 3.It is real loud. They make these calls during breeding season march to sept. that too during day time and early night time. and do not start these calls until next morning. The vocal cord gets active only when the testosterone level increases to certain level. As the testosterone level decreases, their vocal cord functionality decreases and makes the biginning of molting. The hens make less frequent calls, not loud, no notes in their call. During non-breeding season the peafowl make certain noises like" kev" with out any notes, when they get scared and when they are hungry or thirsty. Their sound at this time is not disturbing at all. Joe, the one year old males are incapable of making mating calls due to low testosterone levels. IT WILL BE EXCITING TO SEE IF THE YEARLING MALES CAN DEVELOP LONG TAILS AND ALSO MAKE MATING CALLS AND BE CAPABLE OF FERTILISING EGGS IF WE INJECT TESTOSTERONE INTO THEIR BLOOD STREAM AS A SUPPLEMENT ?????.
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    I like the "ahhh ahhh ahhh" aka George of the jungle call myself. And the male "eeeooowwww" mating call means eggs are coming.
  6. casportpony

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    I like those, too. How about he laughing noise they make when flying?
  7. casportpony

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    Jun 24, 2012
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    I also like the quieter noises they make... there's the I'm annoyed sort of clucking sound, like when you pick them up, and the purr sound they make when they're relaxed and I talk to them.
  8. new 2 pfowl

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    Jan 13, 2012
    Makara, Wellington, NZ
    Oh yeah, I forgot the clucking "you're getting too close" sound, and the great flying sound!
  9. MinxFox

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    Sep 16, 2010
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    Everyone answered your questions pretty well, but I love talking about the noise they make because I was listening to it just today so I really wanted to comment on this.[​IMG]

    1. So far I have noticed that the peacocks seem to make the mature call at around two years of age. My two year old peacocks Peep and White Boy started calling within the past week or two. You can definately tell the difference between the mature peacock and the younger ones by the calls. My four year old peacock Alto has a cleaner sounding voice while my two year old boys sound a bit rough. Peep really sounded rough today. Also at this age they can make the mating call which sandpoultry correctly described as sounding like "Eeeeooow" When a peacock makes this call, it is done when he is displaying and a peahen gets near him. If he wants to mate with her he will make this call while chasing her. If she does not want to make she will run away from him. I have been seeing and hearing this happen this week. The two year old males can make the mating call and I know this because my two year old Peep loves to randomly run after me and make this call to me. He did that to me today...That is what I get for having a people loving peacock. [​IMG]

    2. I think some people think that peacocks call all year round which is why it is important to always tell people that are thinking about getting peafowl that they are not noisy all year... They call in the spring and summer time with the loud "Ahhhh Ahhh!" calls and of course the mating call. For the rest of the year they are normally quiet making low squeaks and a certain low noise they sometimes use when they see a hawk. Sometimes they do honk, which normally happens when they are very startled. The honk is somewhat loud but nothing like the call that the male makes in the breeding season. They have a lot of different noises they make. Peahens make very cute noises to their peachicks and peachicks make very very cute noises. When I pet Peep if it feels really good to him he will make some little squeaking noises.

    3. I am really glad they do not make as much noise as guineas! Guineas seem cool, I have never had any, but visiting a peafowl breeder who had a ton let me know just how noisy they can be... Especially the first time I visited and they saw me as an intruder so they were calling very very loudly! Peafowl don't seem to really call randomly...I generally feel like they have a reason for their calls...Mine will call when you slam the car door, and sometimes if you do a good enough immitation of a peacock you can get them to call as it seems like they love to call together. Yesterday I was messing with my white peacock by calling like a peacock and he would call back. Sometimes if a plane flies overhead they will call. Mine can even hear it when someone opens the door to the house, which is not always that loud and they call right as the door is starting to open, but they cannot see the door from their pen. The peacocks will also call as they are raising their train to display or they will call while they are displaying. The only time it sounds too loud for me is if you happen to be right infront of the peacock when he calls and that is pretty loud. Some people have problems with them calling durring the night. I think sometimes if peafowl are nearby your peafowl will call to the others from someone else's house at night. All my peafowl are at my Grandma's, but my Grandma and the neighbors say that the peafowl are quiet at night. I would definately say the more peacocks you have, the more noise. The breeder I visited had a lot of peacocks and when one called, most of the others liked to join in. You get less noise with one I would say. This will be my first year with three peacocks calling. Since I have had peafowl I have only had about one mature peacock making all the noise so it will be interesting to see how loud it gets. I love their noise though and I dream of having so many peacocks that I will get to hear the noise more. You really get to missing the noise durring the winter...

    4. Since I don't live at the same place as my peafowl, I am not sure what time they call the most...I think it varies from day to day...

    5 & 6. Males and females do make noise, but the peahens don't make the "Ahhhh" call or the mating call. The peahens don't say much...I think the noises my peahens make the most is a noice they make when another peahen gets too close or they want to scare someone off of the food...I can't describe the noise, it isn't very loud...But they make this noise and walk up to the other bird, sometimes sideways, and if the bird does not get the message then they peck it. I don't hear the peacocks make that noise. Peahens seem to be less tolerant and my peacocks seem more chill. In fact, if a peahen sees a young peacock displaying (say 2 or younger) and he is not her son, she will make this noise and kick at him. They do not like seeing the younger males display but they tollerate their own son's displaying.

    I was just thinking about their noise today because after I fed them and got in my truck to head home and I slammed the door, all of my peacocks called and it was funny to notice how each peacock sounded different.
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    During the summer when my guy was three, my neighbors half a mile away asked if we had 'very large cats'. It still makes me chuckle... I love listening to them call, and my neighbors like to come look at them.

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