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I used to create my website, its not that hard, once you got how it works you will find it really easy. They have several designs for you to choose from, some are free and some are not.
If you want something simple like my site i could do it for you, just write all the texts for every page you want to create and i will organize it for you.
I have learned a tiny bit of web design but I think I might go ahead and take some more in depth web design classes. I have been worried about getting into website code because it can get tricky, but I see that there is really a need for someone who knows websites and I don't know website stuff nearly as much as I could. So hopefully I will learn some more in depth website design in college and I can then help everyone out more, especially the UPA as right now they see me as their tech person.

As q8peafowl and members on the other topic where this started have mentioned, there are several website templates online that you can use. They make it easy so that you don't really have to worry about setting up the layout of the site and instead you get to work on the fun stuff such as adding pictures & text. I haven't really played around with these sites since I made my site from scratch, but generally the ones people recommend are good ones to check out.

@Bluecreekfarms has been working on his own website. I forgot what website template he is using but he should be able to tell you about different ones he looked at and if the process is easy. Another thing Bluecreekfarms is doing is he is using Facebook right now to market his birds while his website is still being worked on. Some businesses never even make their own website and just use Facebook to get business. Once you have a website, you can put the link on your Facebook to get traffic to your site and you can say on Facebook that more details of what you raise are on your website, etc. If you do make a Facebook page for your bird business, make sure you choose the option to show it as a business. I am not sure where you find that at, but it allows people like me who are not on Facebook to still view your business page.

Anyways, my Mom isn't really website savvy, but she has her own website and it is one of those template sites where she can go into the options and easily update her site. It is much easier than what I do where I go into a website creating program called Dreamweaver, open the website html page I want to edit, I edit it, then I save it and hit a button that updates it on the internet. That is all easy for me to do, but it is made so much simpler by the sites out today that allow you to easily create your own website even if you don't know anything about web design and what coding is.
Some good suggestions have been brought up already, so I will just extrapolate on what MinxFox mentioned on what I am doing. The web hosting site I am using is SquareSpace. It has a friendly user interface that makes nice looking websites. I have not had the time to work on my website to finish it, but I hope to get enough done over Thanksgiving break to launch my website to the public. Since I had to sell well over one hundred birds this year I knew I had to do something in the meantime. As a result I resorted to Facebook and have a business page (Blue Creek Aviaries) on there. It was quite helpful in selling all of my birds, in fact I sold out of all of my young ducks, which took longer in pat years when less ducks were raised. Facebook is very convenient and easy, and as MinxFox said, you can always link your website to your Facebook page later on. I will let you guys know when my website is complete if you want to see how websites created with SquareSpace look. In the meantime, a website I know created with SquareSpace is
What name do you want for your website? Let us know and I'll ask Mike to type up some options for you.

casportpony,,I strongly suggest NOT doing that.I have seen this happen manytimes,,you type in domain names,some are available,,you do not purchase one at that time and a few days later you try those same names again,and now see they are not available,but they are for sale from the domain owner.It's called "squatting" because the person who bought the domain you inquired about now hopes to make a return on their $4.99 a year buy.
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