Pease help- lice or mite


10 Years
Aug 12, 2011
Hi all
I have kept hens for many years now but never had an issue with mites etc…till now…
We’ve had a very hot spell and when I collected the eggs today I noticed small grey mite looking things on them and my hands. Cleaned out the coop and got my dia earth powder out. Saw a few more but nothing crazy. Anyway I came inside and felt like I was crawling so went to the shower but since then my head is scratching and I have found 6 of them crawling out of my hair. Ive taken a photo but they are so small . Are they lice? Do I need to treat myself too? Thank you


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Thanks everyone I’m in the UK not US but will look for something similar
Unfortunately you're not going to find something similar over there.

There is one product that I'm thinking of that you guys have of there but I cannot remember what it's called... Give me a few minutes to dig and I'll see if I can find a link to it.

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