pecked 2 day old chick, not sure what to put on the wound


11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
I went to the feed store to pick up goat feed, when I spotted the baby chicks. I looked at them and picked up a few then noticed that one chick was being pecked when I picked her and noticed a small hole under the right wing. I told the lady at the store your going to have to move this chick or they will kill her. She said we don't have any place to put her, I asked if they had a red light that may stop them from pecking her. She then looked a the chick and said o' well???? I said WHAT???? then she said you can have her if you want free..... or I will put her back... Ok so I now have a two day old chick with a hole under her wing it looks clean but deep. I am not sure what I can put on it, i have Aureomycin powder but not sure how much to use with a baby chick. Also not sure what to put on the wound. looking for any assistance. Thanks Redwing
Thats how i got one of my girls, i put neosporin on it, it was her shoulder, the vet also recomended antibiotics if it got infected- keep a close eye on it- my girl is happily laying a year later. Also, does she have a chick friend? if not you might give her a mirror and stuffed animal unless you can get a buddy for her- pics would help too
Thanks, I will put that on it. She is the only chick at this time. do you think anyone walks away knowing that the chick will be pecked to death?? I just don't get it why people think it's ok. I have 11 chickens , 2 goats , 4 cats, 3 dogs and 2 horses and now one chick. Thanks again for you assistance
Buy a buddy for her. Chickens are flock animals. They are social creatures and their well-being depends upon the group. A single chick is very lonely and stressed, doesn't eat and drink as well, and doesn't stay warm because no one there to cuddle up with.
i agree, she needs a buddy. I will go into the feed stores and look for stressed or injured chicks, sometimes i can save them, one from this year had her leg caught in the wire, so of course she came home- the worst i've seen is at tsc farm store- breaks my heart, some folks just are clueless- keep us posted!

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