Pecked and swollen cheek wattle

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    Hi all - One of our hens has a pecked and now swollen cheek wattle. I have been treating it with Banixx (awesome stuff; I use it on our horses' wounds as well) once a day, and unfortunately as soon as it seems to be getting better, and the swelling goese down, our rooster pecks (or should I say bites/grabs) the wattle to punish her for some chicken transgression. Our rooster is in general very good with the flock and not aggressive to us, but this seems to be the hen he picks on (maybe now even because she's injured?).

    I was wondering if there is something else I can coat the wattle with that will help promote healing and deter the pecking/biting? I'm imagining some kind of ointment or spray or something that will taste nasty to the rooster when he goes for her. I'd like to avoid, if possible, seperating her from the flock since they are otherwise all doing so well in the new henhaus and run, but if this is our only option, I can bring her and a friend back to the porch...

    Any advice is appreciated!

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