Pecked--bleeding back end, tail feathers mostly gone, dripping blood


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I rescued the victim, put him back in the 8 x 8 x 8 chain link cage by our back door so s/he could heal.

I am somewhat concerned about cleaning the wound, which bled pretty freely (dripping as we left the chicken yard). I know the bleeding itself can help remove any debris, but I'm also wondering about gnats (we have them) and possible infection.

The chicken seems relaxed, not overly warm (judging by comb and waddles), fell asleep in my arms while I petted it, so I think it probably feels OK.

Anything to be concerned about here? What to use to stop bleeding, prevent infection? Is it OK to clean the wound a bit with saline or baking soda and water, to get the blood off the feathers, etc? What about triple antibiotic ointment or something human.

I have put out DE in the floor hay, plenty of fresh water (cleaned out the thing with spray bleach cleaner, so nothing is growing there), fresh feed. Also, to ward off the gnats, they all got sprayed with 1/2 vanilla in water, and that seems to have helped a lot (got that from this site).

Cannot think of much other info, these guys are all doing the pecking order thing, which slowed up when I moved them out to the yard and they have more room. This just seems a bit excessive and perhaps life threatening to this one bird.

Get a flock block or two at your local feed store. The peking will stop, since they will focus on pecking the block instead of each other. Cracked corn also works!
you can rinse off with warm water... not sure what else, put neosporin w/out pain killer in it. keep separated.. but you should probably put it in a place without flies/gnats.. like a dog carrier in your house or something.. i have done that.. also had an old guinea pig cage(plastic bottom with bedding in it and the wire top)

good luck


So glad to be here!

Good to know about the rinsing thing, didn't know about no pain killer (just recently found the OTC antibiotic with the pain stuff in it anyway, got some for myself!).

Also found a really good description of how to care for wounded chickens on another thread. Didn't need all that but have cut and pasted it into a word doc so I can grab it up whether our wireless thing is working or not (we live in the sticks--high humidity or the trees getting leaves will mess it up, lol).

Well, the DH determined that a chicken alone is a lonely chicken, so I got another of the walking wounded (not in bad shape at all tho), and the two spent the night in the 8 x 8 x 8 chainlink thing they were just released from a couple of days ago.

No gnats--maybe that vanilla I sprayed on them is working. This morning they are both looking good, the blood has clotted, they have been snacking and sipping, and (sadly) one of them has attempted to crow (we have been hoping for all pullets).

Thank you all for your support--looks like the crisis has passed.
Cover the wound with Blukote. It's a wound dressing you can get at an agriculture store for larger animals. It's safe for poultry. It's bright blue-purple and the chickens won't be attracted to the sight of blood. Chickens see blood and they keep going after it.
and blu kote will change your skin colors too..and it's a b**** to get off. so...
good luck. too bad you got yourself a (Maybe) rooster


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