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    We have 6 hens, all about 20 weeks old, and they are all hybrids:

    2 Amber Stars,
    2 Black Stars
    1 White Star
    1 Bluebell

    We have a problem where the Bluebell has been pecking all the rear feathers out of the other chickens, mainly the 2 Amber Stars, to an extent where one of them had blood dripping from her. the other chickens began to follow bluebells lead which made the problem a lot worse

    We took the injured hen out and cleaned her with and antiseptic wash and dried her off, then covered the area in vasaline. we have then seperated the injured hen and have he in a seperate holding run, next to the main one with the other chickens. But then blue bell has started on the other Amber Star and again has drawn a little bit of blood (not bad as the first case. So we have now done the same to this hen and put the bluebell in the holding run, with the other 5 in the main run.

    Is there any way we can stop bluebell from this form of bullying, as at them moment, we arm ourselves with a little water spray and sqirt her when she tries to get them (that is when they are all together in the main run or out in the garden).

    Or would it be best to have her seperated in this way for a time, and if so, how long. (they all sleep in the same house at night, and we seperate bluebell in the morning)

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    How much room dothey have..and what are you feeding them. Sounds like bluebell might need something in her diet. Try offering them a little dry cat food. Altho I have never had to do this, I have read it works when they are feather pecking. Get some bluekote...spray everyones bums....this should deter her from the pecking as well. good luck, and let us know how it works out for ya!
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    Sounds like Bluebell needs a diversion...some breeds donot like being confined, so they peck. That's why battery hens have been debeaked.
    I agree with the bluekote. I have also used Better Bitters, available at Petco and PetSmart in the bird section.
    If you can hang a head of cabbage just high enough so that they jump at it to get the treat, that's a diversion.
    Obelisk has a stretchie lizard to beat the crap out of.[​IMG]
    And she likes to tear up newspaper.

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