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    Jun 16, 2009
    Hi all,

    I have 4 eqyptian fayoumis hens, about 2 years old. One, Hot Wings, is being picked on incessantly by at least one other hen. she has lost feathers, and now has a raw, red spot on her "shoulder" (yes, I realize chickens don't have shoulders). Space is not a problem. They are entirely free range, coming to the coop only to lay and feed and sleep. There is water in and out of coop, and it has been miserably hot and humid lately. So maybe heAt stress causing a behavior change? we intend to isolate her tonight, and let her heal. Suggestions? If you aren't familiar with the breed, they are practically feral, uber flighty, not the kind of birds who fly up and sit on your shoulder. Only time they can really be handled is night time. Only other change in the flock is the head hen, Gumbo, has been pretty broody lately, so it's not her picking on HW. PleAse advise!!!

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    Put some pine tar on the picked area. If someone is picking on her the pine tar is a great deterrent. One mouthful of that goop is usually enough to stop that habit in it's tracks. I will warn you that pine tar is nasty stuff, hard to work with, gets everywhere and makes a complete mess. It is effective for this particularly vexing habit, though. It will need to be reapplied every week for a couple weeks.

    Good luck.
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    Blue Cote is what I would recommend to dress the wound with. It is "very blue" but it seems to deter pecking. I'll bet the behavior changes are because the "top dog" is brooding, so she's not around, which means, they are establishing a new pecking order.....You're right in isolating her to allow her to heal....once a chicken sees a wound on another, well it's like a magnet to them......they just won't leave it alone.

    Good luck with your hen!
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    Hey, I'm sorry I don't have an answer to you question but you are the only person I have been able to find that has Egyptian fayoumis. I am looking to start my on little herd of chickens and this is the breed I am doing it with. I will be hatching my own eggs then raising them to be free range. I have googled and googled and have not been able to find information specific to this breed. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a brief "101" on raising them from hatching lings and if there is anything that should be done different with them. Thank you

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