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  1. Utard

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    So I have 11 chickens that are just about 7 weeks old.

    I just finished the coop/run yesterday and put them in last night before bed. All seem to be doing fine.

    But the little gal of the group I thought was a slow grower. But today all the feathers are missing from her back with little blood spots. So I separated her from the rest. Back inside in the brooder.

    But my question is this. How long can I keep apart without creating problems? I want to keep her apart for a bit for feathers to grow but how long is too long.
  2. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Get some BluKote,an antiseptic spray, that will color her skin and feathers blue to disquise peck wounds. Maybe you can put her in adog crate in the coop with her buddies until you get the BluKote. Keep an eye on her when she goes back with the gang, or even give her a friend to be crated with.
  3. Utard

    Utard Chirping

    Thanks, Do you think I would be able to put her right back in with the others after putting some BluKote on?

    Does it actually die the skin blue temporarily?

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