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May 29, 2011
Two days ago my 2 roosters got into a nasty fight. The smaller of the 2 was moderatly injured on his comb and waddle. the other roo had taken chunks out of the comb and he was lucky not to be missing an eye. It wasnt bleeding horribly and he seemed to be fine, so we left him alone. Now this morning I came out to feed them and it looked like the previous injuries had been added to. I tried to disinfect the area with hydrogen peroxide, as standard procedure calls, but after many rinses, it didn't seem any better than it was before. Each scabbed area wouldn't stop foaming as it was rinsed. I eventually gave up on that and sprayed the area down with a syringe full of water. I'm afraid that I may have bleached a couple tiny spots on his comb, but he'll be none the worse for wear. His behavior hasn't changed a bit in the last few days, not even after the attack or the peroxide. And yet he still looks awful with all those places on him. There is a good bit of blood and probably some other stuff dried into his feathers that i can't manage to get out. I'm afraid that whatever in in that might hinder his recovery (he shook some peroxide into the feathers and they foamed just as bad as the wounds). I've tried to get it out with soap and water on a paper towel, but "whatever" is stuck fast. Any Ideas for either problem?

This is the worst side. His comb flops over because it's soooo big.

This is just him. PS: Name's Alli. Pretty sure he's somethin' close to an amber link.
Did I understand you correctly...the two roosters had a blood drawing battle and you left them together? I certainly hope not.

For starters do not use peroxide on an open wound kills healthy tissue unless it is heavily diluted. Clean wounds with a sterile saline solution or betadine surgical scrub, dry and apply a good triple antibiotic ointment WITHOUT pain reliever in it or apply Blue Kote. Chickens are cannibals by nature and if they see an open wound/blood, they will attack and pick the bird to death if not stopped.

Most many girls do you have in with these two males? A rooster can easily handle 10 hens so I you have 2 boys and only a few hens, you are asking for trouble. Not all boys will live together happily and these two may not be able to be housed together.
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No more peroxide. Use antibiotic ointment only. Separate the roosters until they are healed and if they continue to fight if you put them back together, they can no longer be together.

You never, ever put a wounded bird who has blood on it in with other birds. They will literally eat it.

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