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  1. I have decided I hate pecking orders.. who would have thought the two, 4 month old female Wyandottes who I raised from day olds, would be knocking my two 8 month Aracunas to the bottom of the line.. I have had the four, 4 month old teens in a separate pen, but still able to see each other.. after 6 weeks we let them in together.. now there is chaos and mayhem. I have one young roo roosting with the two older black arucanas and 1 (dominant roo) roosting with his two sisters in another coop.. The two young females are really bossing the older two.. I am surprised as on the odd occassion they bumped into each other free ranging the little ones got put in their place really quickly by the older girls.. is this change now because of their size or because they hang with the dominant roo? Both males are re homing tomorrow, is this likely to change the youngers girls outlook?
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    Dec 5, 2014
    I have found my gentle EE's being more aggressive to each other lately. When they are free ranging they will flap their wings and bump their breasts into each other. In ascribe this to hormone changes. They are starting to produce eggs. Not with any frequency yet, but they are becoming mature hens, and that is causing them to be more moody with each other.
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    Mean hens will be mean with or without roosters. It's who they are. I have noticed though that a dominant rooster can help with the fights but in the end there is going to be a pecking order. Eventually it will be settled on their own terms.

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