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    So my RIR was pecked pretty bad while I was out of town. The petsitter didn't let me know until the day before returning home...grr. Anyway I digress.
    So now Rhonda the RIR has a bare back, shoulders, chest and tops of her thighs!!! I've seperated her from the rest and put Bag Balm on her but I think she's actully pluckiner HERSELF! I've added catfood to her bowl crossing my fingers that the protein will fix it.

    Any other ideas? Anyone else have a bird that has done this... to herself?
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    May 15, 2009
    She might be VERY irritated by lice or mites. Some birds skin can get so itchy they pull the feathers to get relief. Check her closely for lice especially around the base of the feather shaft and around her vent. If her vent looks like someone sprinkled pepper around it it is lice or mites. Finding mites at night is the best time. They crawl out of the wood in the coop and attack the poor birds.

    Depending on how raw her skin is from pulling feathers you could bathe her with a flea and tick shampoo. Dry her really well with a hair dryer on low. Another option is to dust her with poultry dust. Make sure you get her tummy and vent area.

    She is going to need all the vitamins she can get right now especially because of the stress. Make her scrambled eggs and try some chopped spinach. She doesn't need a lot each day but a tablespoon or so would be great. You're already doing the cat food.

    Keep us posted.
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    update* If she was pecking herself the bag balm detured her... she now has 1/2 inch pin feathers coming in! Poor girl looks like a porkiepine but recovering in her "ISO unit."
    She doesn't seem to care for the cat food much but eating very well.
    Thanks for your thoughts Purpletree23

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