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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Jaybr, Jun 17, 2008.

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    Jun 1, 2008
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    I've got four 4 week old barred rock pullets, I've been keeping them in a 2' x 4' brooder. I thought the brooder was plenty big, but yesterday I went out to find a chick with most of it's feathers gone. There is no blood or raw spots, but one of the others has picked it's feathers out. The chick is acting fine, just bald.

    So after reading post here on the subject, I decided they where probably cramped and bored, so I was going to setup another pen next to my coop today for them. I got up this morning and they where acting crazy and chasing each other around the brooder, so I took them out to my main coop and run and cut them loose. I have seven 7 week old guineas, a 7 week old partridge rock cockerel, and a 7 week old partridge rock pullet in the main coop/run.

    The other birds don't seem to be bothering the young ones at all, and the young ones are just kinda keeping together as a pack away from the bigger birds.

    I've been out several times today to check on them and no problems as of yet. The only time the others bothered them was when I was feeding them meal worms. The little chicks would come right up and eat them out of my hands and the guineas would chase them around trying to steal the worms.

    So should I lock the little ones in the coop with the others tonight, or bring them back into the brooder for the night and take them back out tomorrow?
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    Depnds on the temps. If it's warm enough you can try leaving them out. However, birds can get much more agressive at bed time so just keep an eye out for them if you do leave them out.

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