Pecky the evil chicken pecks eggs


Aug 8, 2018
Central Texas
Pecky is a Plymouth Rock. She is loud and evil. She pecks any hand that comes near. She even pecks eggs. We find eggs all pecked up. Pecky is mad at the world.

We use a stick now to push Pecky away so we can check for eggs. She pecks at the stick furiously and screams even louder. We can hear her in the front yard. The cows can hear here in the field as they graze quietly, peacefully. But not Pecky, oh no.

I'm checking with my wife the CEO to see if Pecky is still laying enough eggs to justify her horrible attitude.
What are you feeding? Is it at least 20% protein? she may have a protein deficiency, and is eating the eggs for protein.

They all free range and have free access to Bryant layer pellets in two feeders, but it's 16% protein and 3-4% Calcium.

Only Pecky is as she is. We think it's partially that Plymouth Rock breed. We got a few New Hampshire hens recently and they are very docile. One even squats to let us pick her up. They don't even cluck when we look under them for eggs.

We're moving to standardize our flock on New Hampshire. I'm off to get a young rooster any day now. We had one, but he started that dreaded lung rattling, so I quickly isolated him and our Chicken Resource Adviser Lady (CRAL) came to take him back. She does nebulizing and shots for sick birds better than we can.
Sounds like she needs protein. If you provide like an All Flock Feed with at least 20% protein and oyster shells in a seperate dish on the side so they can get calcium, her egg pecking behavior will probably improve.

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