Peculiar nesting behavior! Do chicks present make other hens brood?


6 Years
Mar 2, 2017
La Junta, CO

Blackey in the third nest box scratching and nestling.

Blackey's second nest box


I have 2 coops and the older smaller one has been converted to the outdoor brooder. During the day, I open the door and one of my hens realized she could get in there. Her only interest is her old best boxes, not the chicks. She went through and checked each one out. She didn't like the first one so she moved on, nestled in and then got out and moved to the third where I can hear her inside scratching and getting the nest just right! What for? I have no clue! She usually has a Spring hatch by April every year. Could the cute little chicks be urging her to consider going broody? Is she just exploring? She is about 4 years old. I thought she had already been laying this Spring but maybe not! I love watching chicken behavior!! TYIA!

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