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Jun 14, 2012
I have 6 pullet peeps that are a little more than 2 months old along with 5 adult hens and 4 adult guineas. The peeps have been housed with the "grownups" for almost a month now and the quarrels have died down and everyone is at least tolerating each other for the most part. However, the littles seem to be slower than my other birds were at realizing that I am the food god, coming when I call, etc. I have tried to train them with treats and my treat call as I did the older birds since they were 2 days old and I handled them regularly. They also have not taken to roosting in the coop yet - I have a small, lower one for them.

If it might matter, the peeps are 3 welsummers and 3 speckled sussex. The hens are 2 red sex links and 3 golden laced wyandottes. Interestingly, the RSLs are by far friendlier than the wyandottes even though they were raised together.

When I researched the breeds I wanted to add to my flock, I did take friendliness into account. They just seem slow to warm up.
Any thoughts?
They are still being intimidated by the older birds, they won't come near to get treats if the older birds are around because they've learned their place in the pecking order.

'Friendliness' depends more on individual birds and flock dynamics than breed.

The pecking order will always rule and can change over time, once your pullets start to lay you may see some changes in their flock status.

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