Peeps of BYC are lifesavers - REALLY!

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    It has been a long weekend for this chic! (Me) Thankfully, at every turn of this hatch of chicks, I was scrolling through the site to find out what my next move should be. Long story short (well kinda), I had to assist all 3 of the 4 viable eggs in hatching. This was not only my first time assisting, it was my first hatch with incubation.
    The pips started Thursday night and one by one as they reached a point where I was thinking I needed to help, I turned to BYC and got my answers.
    Egg #1 only needed me to make a small airway through his outer membrane and 4 hrs later he was out. Egg # 2 had to be assisted til it was down to its inner membrane and only the shell layer on the small end above the air cell before it finally made it out. Egg #3 was OMG....down to just its inner membrane and still was unable to get out. It had internally pipped on Friday, but never externally pipped. So at 4:30 this AM I decide I need to euthanize it bc apparently it's got something wrong with it. 30 min of reading ways on BYC, I go back in with my "container of death" and find it stumbling around the incubator chirping at the top of its lungs. It saved its own life.
    Egg 1 was moved to the brooder from my CHICK ICU location last night and is just fine. Egg 2 is now trying to fly out of the ICU so she will be heading to the brooder shortly. (She is something wrong with her foot or leg...I'm still trying to figure that out - no deformity or splay)
    Egg #3 is drying in the incubator.
    Thank u BYC PEEPS!
    Bad news is...I have my next batch going into lockdown tomorrow and I am not ready. [​IMG]
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