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    FIRST TIMER!!!!! I'm on day 18 right now with a batch of Easter Eggers. I just moved them from the incubator to my hatchery (fish tank with light bulb keeping the temp at 99, wet sponge to bring the humidity up. Should I be hearing/seeing anything at this point? I thought I heard some movement, but haven't heard any peeping. Thanks!

    Sorry....the 90 I had in there before was a typo....meant 99
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    Hey [​IMG]

    you should try to get your temp up around 99.5 or 100... i think 90 is a little to low

    and since it's day 18 you sould see ( if you don't have the eggs in a carton ).. you should see some wiggling a little bit [​IMG]

    and most the time you wont see a pip till day 19 and up.. everytime i hatch chicken eggs they always pip on day 20 but people have had eggs pip on day 19 [​IMG]

    Good luck with your Hatch and keep us all posted
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    May 25, 2008
    Temp at egg level should be right at 100 degrees if at all possible. Eggs kept at lower temps are likely to hatch late (1-4 days late) or not at all.
    Would it be possible to return the eggs to incubator where temp would probably be easier to regulate? Once chicks hatch and dry off a little you could transfer them to the fish tank. A temp between 95 and 100 would be best for chicks for the first week after they're born, and you can reduce the temp by 5 degrees each week after that.
    Hoping for the best for you! Hatching is challenging to manage!
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