Pekin duck laying habits

Rosebud 18

9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
middle Tn
I have a pekin duck that has stopped laying. She is 14 months old now. She started laying in sept. at around 6 months and layed almost everyday until early feb. She then stopped laying and I'm wondering if they lay for awhile then stop and then start laying again. She has laying pellets, whole corn and cracked corn and plenty of grass to eat. I'm sure she also has plenty of bugs and worms to eat because we have 7 acres that the ducks and goose roam on. Hopefully she will start laying again.
They will only lay for so long and quit. Doesnt really matter what you do until they get ready to lay again. I just had 9 stop all at the same time with several others still going at it
Yes she started laying again. She laid for about 6 wks. and stopped again. Then she started again, laid for a few wks. and stopped. Now she lays and egg every once in a while. My swedes and harlequins are my best layers. They haven't missed a day since they started laying in sept. The swedes eggs are nearly as large as the pekin egg.
Thanks for your reply Daisy (Peking) layed every day for six months so I'm missing my duck egg pavalovas and the omletes ho hum hopefully soon she is very noisy at the moment even has the jack russel howling usually when she lays she doesn't carry on so much

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