Pekin ducklings behavior questions


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Hello I have always had chickens ( over 100 currently), but this year I got some little Pekin ducks as a gift from my brother. I am new to ducks and have been doing a lot research. I give them 24% chick feed non medicated and yeast. Lots of greens for treats and we recently put them outside at 6 weeks old. I have 8 of them and they all are happy and healthy. I house them separate from the chickens, they have their own run adjacent to the chickens. To the point, my questions are about the behavior they are displaying.

1. Tail Wagging? They don't raise them up, but wag them and seem to be happy because this is when I give them a treat or they got to play in the tub :) BUT do they also do this in a way to show aggression?

2. Bill Hiding? I have about three of them that like to put their bill in the palm of my hand, so I started shutting my hand gently around it. They just wiggle their face and then get still and look at me. Don't bite, just sit there….not sure what this means.

3. Arm Rub? I have one that runs its bill up my arm. I am thinking this is probably a sign of aggression…..doesn't bite me just runs its bill from about my wrist to my elbow. Then stops.

They really don't appreciate me touching them. They will follow me all over their run but when I go to touch them they quack and take off. I didn't have much to do with them when they were small. Didn't want them over friendly with strangers (sounds like they are kids or something LOL)

Thanks for any advise or help. I really enjoy this website. I have used it a lot in the past with my chickens. You have been very helpful and entertaining at times.

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