Pekin Ducklings

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    I have successfully (on only my second try) incubated and hatched 10 Pekin ducklings [​IMG] Soooo happy and they're absolutely adorable! Now, if I could just sell them or give them to people wanting them! haha
    If anyone in the Phoenix area is looking for a couple or knows of someone looking for a couple, please let me know!!! As long as they take 2 minimum cause they are so social and aren't going to be raised for dinner one night, and will be loved and cared for as the pets we want them to be, I will be happy to deliver them and just give them to someone [​IMG] I won't even sell them! I'm just afraid my homeowners association is gonna start getting complaints as they get louder and louder by the day! hahaha And I don't know what I'm going to do with 12 ducks (mom and dad, too)...
    We do have a large lake in our association where the ducks there eat out of the people's hands and raise their babies, but I am not willing to shorten their life spans just to "get them out of my yard". I'd rather keep them all than do that!
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    If you haven't already...try posting on the Arizona thread! You may get some hits there! [​IMG]

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