Pekin Ducks~ How well do they lay?

Mine haven't layed very well. I have gotten about 18 eggs this year from my 3 girls. 2 are a year old and 1 is 8 months old. My neighbor on the other hand has one that started laying at 5 months old and has hardly missed a day. I guess it depends on the duck, I really wish mine would lay me some more eggs.
Mine are over a year old and I get an egg a day from the 4 females. They even laid right through the winter.
Hard boiled duck eggs, delicious!
Hard to get consistent egg production from a Pekin. It can happen but most are seasonal layers. For high egg production, you want khaki campbells, indian runners, or my favorite, Welsh Harlequins.
Thanks. Someone had given me some and I was trying to figure out how many females I wanted to keep. (alongside all my other ducks. LOL)
150-200 eggs a year vs 300+ from the 3 breeds I listed. If you are in it for the eggs, there are better choices than a Pekin. Of course, a Pekin is going to be friendlier than the 3 I listed, but there are always individual exceptions.

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