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    Hi. I have a friend who has s Pekin duck (I have three but haven't experienced what he describes). He says it looks like the ducks insides are hanging out his butt. I've researched on line and all I found was references to this being the ducks penis. No pics (can't blame people for not having pics of their ducks penis. Lol mine mate all the time and I d never noticed it). Is it possible it's his insides? We don't have duck/chicken vets and I get most of my info from here. I did recently take a chicken to the vet and bless her heart she did her best but again I was able to get more answers here. I want to send him some info but can't find anything on Pekin ducks. Is it the same for all ducks?
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    @Chrissa I am going to give you the whole link

    Tell your friend needs to get his duck into some cool water let him float in it remove him from the ladies too because if he does get the penis back in it wont stay if he keeps mating the ducks. After he has float for a while then tell him to look at the penis if it's been out for a long time it may have quite a bit of dead tissue on it and a vet maybe the only recourse. Then again it may just slouch off on it's on but infection is something that can happen. Have him try if skin still looks pink and healthy to apply vaseline or KY jelly to his penis and try to put it back inside it may stay it may not but keep trying anyway. Keep him on clean old towels so nothing sticks to the vaseline and treat as often as you can. Prep H is another one that is suppose to help with swelling. This happens in just about every breed of duck.
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