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5 Years
Apr 4, 2014
As the name suggests, I keep Chickens. Recently however, I've been given 4 young ducks. I was told by the previous owner/breeder that they are "purebred Pekins". I'm know as much about Duck breeds as I do about Astro Physics. Not much. That said, I'm not convinced my crew are Pekins. Everywhere I scour the net, the Pekins I see are white. My "Pekins" are Dark Brown, Mottled mid brown and the other two are a lighter brown/beige colour. I have photo's but am not sure how to upload them. Has anyone heard of Pekins in colours other than white? If I figure out how to upload some pictures I will. I would love to know what breed they are.
*Edited to add: We are in AUSTRALIA* I figure there are different breeds in Australia to the USA where a lot of members seem to hail from.
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Hi Miss Lydia and ty for the reply. I have managed to upload some pics. Another thing to add is that we are in Australia. Look forward to hearing anyone's thoughts. The darker two I believe to be ducks and the lighter two Drakes. No tail curl yet, but they are young. The darkest has a very distinct quack and is very vocal. lol
Sooo not Pekins but runner mixes. I love my runner mixes. They are goofballs. These don't have any Pekin at all, but no matter, enjoy them. Looks like two drakes not sure on the other two.
Not sure what I did wrong, but the photos have doubled up sorry! They stand more upright if on alert. My guess is something of a Khaki Campbell/Runner cross. I wonder if they could be sex-linked? It is the darker two that I think are Ducks and both the lighter ones Drakes. All so very confusing. lol

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