Pekin eating SOOOO much feed


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Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC
Hey y'all!
I haven't been on here in years.
We live in town and have had backyard chickens for years.
We got some pekin ducks in the spring, 2 hens and a drake, as ducklings.
They have access to grass and clean water all day long and we feed DuMor layer pellets twice a day.
It is costing a fortune to feed them, they're going through a $15 bag of feed a week. I cut it with some cracked corn now that it's getting cold, but they're still going through so much food. They finish it in minutes and then quack super loud wanting more. If I free feed they will eat the entire container of food until their crops are super extended and still quack for more food.
Like, I can't afford to keep doing this.
How do y'all supplement or get them to not scream for food all day?
I know Pekin eat more than other breeds, but they are eating a ridiculous amount. I have 6 chickens that eat less a day than one duck and they don't have much access to grass because they pulled it all up the ducks just munch on it.


Apr 30, 2018
I think Pekin ducks are one of the breeds most people limit feed access to for only part of the day/a certain amount because they are a heavier and larger breed.
A adult duck should eat around 0.4 pounds a day, and more when laying. I think if they free range some, it would be less.
You can try fermenting feed to help cut down on feed costs and fermented feed can be fed to ducks and chickens. There are some articles on BYC on fermenting feed. You can also sprout grains to feed as fodder.


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May 22, 2012
I have three pekins, two of which are jumbo, so they eat massive helpings of food. I have to limit them, but they are recent rescues and still recovering, so I'm giving them a little extra before cutting back. I have to work hard balancing my flocks diet because it ranges from my massive jumbo pekin drake and hen down to my four tiny call duck hens. :rolleyes:


Mar 17, 2018
Shenandoah Valley
I worry about my Pekins getting overweight - and my Runner/Ancona not eating enough. It’s a tough balance. For us a feeding schedule works better than free choice. ~Every 2 hours during daylight they get to leave their pen for a swim and foraging time - then I feed them just enough so they eat it all within a half hour or so. Then they preen and nap - and then back to swim/forage time. I never put out more than a cup of feed. I cut it with oats and veggies or weeds like dandelions. My Pekins are lucky if they get any food - my Runner is hungrier than the Pekins and twice as fast! It seems to work. No weight or health issues and I’m still getting an egg a day from my 3 girls. I pay ~$45 for a 50lb bag of feed and it lasts about 6 weeks for 4 ducks (2 pekin). Not sure that helps you - hope you find something that works. :frow

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