Pekin & Mallard Ducklings - Suffolk, VA


In the Brooder
5 Years
Apr 1, 2014
Suffolk, VA
I have 6 Pekin, 2 Mallards and 4 Pekin/Mallard crosses for sale. They hatched April 2, 2014. They are $5/each. I am in Suffolk, VA.
Sorry I don't have any left. I will hatch some more next March/April. If you wanted 10 or more now I could hatch some but would need a deposit and it would take 30 days. Just let me know.
I had a pair of pekins, that were 15 weeks old when the female got killed. I have 6 adult mallards and one very sad Pekin drake. I want to get a ne lady for him but now that I read this, I see that you have cross bred mallards and pekins. Do you think I need to find him another female ?

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