Pekin mating with chickens

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by amyg1602, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Nov 23, 2014
    I have raised two chicks and a pekin duck together since June. Now that they are reaching maturity, we have discovered that our "she" duck is a "he" duck! Unfortunately, this means that he is now trying to mate with the chickens, and is really hurting them! we have since introduced three other chickens, and all of them are quite afraid of him!

    Does anyone have any suggestions about what i can do? I really dont want to get rid of the duck, i'm really fond of him, but i cant leave things as they are, or one of the chicks will be seriously hurt. Will it help if i get him a female duck? It is spring where I am now - will this behaviour stop after spring?

    Any help/suggestions appreciated!
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    [​IMG] Sorry for the circumstances. Separate them immediately. Drakes have a penis - roosters do not. The reproductive tract of a hen is not meant to have 'objects' inserted into it. He may very well cause your hens to prolapse. I doubt that a duck hen would help as he is imprinted on your chicken hens.
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    seprate them ASAP. He can kill them and duck anatomy is different than chickens and will seriously hurt them. You can add females and hopefully he will leave the chickens alone if he doesn't then you will need to keep them separate. If he is already mating the ducks I think you will need more than one female, I personally would try to get 3 and none that are significantly smaller breeds.
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