Pekins ?


8 Years
Sep 7, 2011
There the only breed I have owned,and I am thinking of getting two this spring when I get my chickens . How do you tell male from female ducklings? They are mixed at tractor supply and I cant tell,I have been looking on sites and it just says the males weigh more ?
Unless you know how to vent sex, you won't be able to tell male Pekin from female Pekin until they are 3-4 months old and can be voice sexed.

I genuinely hope that Tractor Supply is not allowing a bunch of amateurs to come in and try to vent sex their ducklings.
Vent sexing when there a couple days old is easy you just have to rennet there babies and like all babies there delicate, so be gentel! Once they get older the males have a very whispery quack and the boys get kinda curly tail feathers.
i dont know how much truth there is to this but when i bought my ducks at the hardware store the old guy there said that you can hang hem upside down by their feet and if the fight to get up it a boy and she just hangs down then its a female. i had one of each and when they grew older sure enuff he was right. just my $.02
You can not sex birds by hanging them upside down.

Ducks have fragile legs and should not be held or caught by the legs. It is very possible to injure them severely.
With 50% odds of being right, most of the old wives tales can be "accurate" sometimes. Dangling birds by their feet or letting their feet hang won't tell you what gender they are unless you guess right.

Unless the birds were bred to be sex linked, or feather sexed, or they've been vent sexed (which still isn't 100% all the time).. every other method is a guess.

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