Pen sizes and splading peafowl ?s

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  1. How big does a peafowl pen need to be for a trio or a quad?

    Also are spladings very fighty like the javas?

    If I do get javas what is the best way to care for them and the spladings?

  2. peacockfarmer1

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    Dec 11, 2010
    north MS
    i made my pen 24 foot wide 37 long 6 high with a 8 deep 12 wide shed attached
  3. MinxFox

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    Sep 16, 2010
    Pensacola, FL
    I have five peafowl and my pen is 40x50 but that is because we wanted to have grass in the pen. The more space the less the peafowl are able to trample all the grass and also it helps that I scoop up the poo to keep the pen nice. I don't have spaldings or any kind of green peafowl but I have heard that for spaldings it depends sometimes on how much green blood they have which determines if they are more flighty like a green. Some are not bad some are I think. If you live somewere cold than the javas will need an indoor heated roost for the winter since they can't take the cold like blues can and I think they would do best with maybe a planted pen or more space than you would give a blue perhaps...Not sure on that though but I did read once that when greens are in a planted pen they tend to act more like they would in the wild or something.

    Do you have other peafowl or would these be your first ever? I read that one of the best peafowl to start off with is the india blue. They are the least expensive, they are not as flighty or agressive as greens are said to be or spaldings, ect. I am not saying you have to but maybe you should start off with blues, get a feeling for them to even see if you like peafowl, then think about getting greens or spaldings which can be more expensive, but it is all up to you.[​IMG] If you do want javas, just make sure you don't end up getting a spalding being sold as a java. I guess ither way you would be fine since you are interested in both, but spaldings are cheaper than greens so you wouldn't want to pay for green prices on a spalding...

    Once again I am not totally sure though, that is just what I have heard since I don't have spaldings or any kind of green.[​IMG]
  4. Thanks MinxFox
  5. shchinchillas

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Right now our pen is on the small side, however it is larger then what our peafowl came from.

    Ours is 25' x 25'. Height is pitched to 12'. They also have a 12 x 12 shed attached to the outside of the pen. We have 6 peafowl and 8 ducks in the pen. Once spring hits and we can dig into the ground we are adding on another 25' x 25' section.

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