pen too small???


13 Years
Nov 13, 2008
Salina, OK
I was looks on craigslist and came across some quail, and was thinking about getting a few, some for eggs and maybe some for the frezzer. but is a 5x2 too small for 5 or 6 adult birds? its about 14'' tall, and made from 1x1 wire over a wooden frame. I'm useing it as a brooder for the next few weeks. it's in the old stock trailer I'm useing as a coop for now.
That's 10 sq feet. You could easily keep 10-12 birds in a pen that size. The height is good too.

ETA: The recommended space allotment for coturnix quail is 1sq ft/bird. Some people find their birds do fine with slightly less. I have 6 hens in a 4 sq/ft pen and they are perfectly happy. No picking at each other or anything.
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Sounds like you're ready to get quite a few birds! My pen is 5' x 3' and I only have four quail in there now (they are spoiled!) but I have eggs in the bator (it's day 12!) so after the babies are big enough to get along with my current birds I'll add a few more birds to that pen.

And the bonus- you got your brother to build it for you! that is awesome. That is why I wish I had brothers!

congrats on the coop and I'm excited to read about your quail adventures!

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