Pendulous crop, green diarrhea


Mar 31, 2020
Delaware County (near Philly), PA
As the title says, I have an over 2 year old hen who, over the last few days developed pendulous crop and diarrhea. Embarrassingly, at first I thought she was getting fat and didn't realize it was a crop issue. She continued to eat and drink through yesterday.

Now, I think she is in some pain. I separated her out first thing this morning and put her inside, gave her coconut oil and tried massaging her crop. That did not make it smaller, although she seemed to enjoy the massage. Her crop feels like a water balloon.

I see anti-fungal treatments for sour crop, but I am not sure that sour crop is the issue -- she doesn't have white foamy stuff in her mouth as far as I can tell, or bad breath. I have a friend making her a bra for her crop. What else should I do -- I don't really have a vet that I can use for this matter.

Any suggestions?

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