penedesenca x maran x welsummer mix roosters - Iowa


11 Years
Jun 15, 2008
Nearly free roosters hatched early this year. I've been having health problems and won't get around to butchering them but they need to go before winter. I had one roo and 3 hens of the penedesenca x maran x welsummer cross running with 3 standard EE hens this year. The resulting roos should pass on interesting egg color genetics including dark brown eggs and speckling. Some may also carry the blue gene and their offspring could lay dark olive green eggs. They are a bit slow maturing but might make good meat birds if you are willing to wait or don't mind them still small. We butchered a few last year but only very young at about bantam size. The full grown ones I lost to a dog I couldn't carry 2 in one hand back to the house because they were so heavy. The ones I'm selling are about half the size of my adult roo at this point. So far none of the roos from this line have shown any aggression. They are just big chickens. Whether you want pets, meat, or eggs these guys are good hardy birds that didn't even notice our extremely cold weeks last year. Unfortunately my hatches this year tended towards roosters and I have no hens of this line to offer at this time. Located in eastern Iowa off highway 6. Pickup only.


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