Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

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  1. PAchickengirl

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    Oct 22, 2012
    Central Pennsylvania
    The north south talk reminds me of one of my most embarrassing moments. Born and raised in PA. moved to CA when I was 20, then on to Mississippi. (Military wife for a bit.) my sister and her family came to visit for Christmas and we drove the block to the beach. We're talking about the "bubbas" down south. At the stop sign near my apartment, I proclaim "Look! There's one there!" Only to have my brother in law turn and wave! Oopsy. I was SOOO embarrassed. They got a good laugh.
  2. PrnzsButtrcluck

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    Sep 13, 2012
    No traditions up here...just lots of Not me, but the locals. Booze, guns, cigarettes, snowmobiles, quads...spending the welfare check on taxidermy as well as aforementioned But, next year I'm going to adopt your traditions! Peas included! We just eat a lot of junk food on New Year's! Lol
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    Dec 6, 2011
    South-Central PA
    So no chickies here movers, no shakers, no pips, no peeps.................. :(

    We just had a lovely dinner with 3 other couples. It was so relaxing...which is funny since I cooked all but the flan.

    I love our friends! Funnily enough...we were all over at one of the other couple's house last night...along with what felt like 30 other people! Much preferred just the 8 of us today!
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    Princess- your area sounds ALOT like were I'm going back to...4-wheelers/booze/guns...yeah, the WHOLE 9yards!!!..The neighbors do make for interesting entertainment anyway..[​IMG], when they keep it in their own yards!..Here I go again..[​IMG]..haha
  5. zinia8

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    Mar 19, 2011
    Reels Corner, PA.
    wait booze.guns,cigarettes,snowmobile,quads and 4wheel drive are required to live in the mountains of PA.
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    Oct 5, 2012
    Southeastern PA

    Was she eating around the "still" again?
  7. LittleMissPurdy

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    Yes, yes they are...can't drink(health)..I know, I know, How much crueler can life get?![​IMG]..Guns- got that covered..snowmobiles/quads-do not own...4-wheel drive,nope,but have front wheel drive.. Don't smoke!(ex-smoker from a LONG time ago!!) why am I living in the mountains? LOVE the wilderness/space & fresh air(if the neighbors aren't burnin' trash) ![​IMG].. & there are some real decent people up there[​IMG]..**Zinia-where is Reels Corner?..Love the car(avatar)
  8. LittleMissPurdy

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    [​IMG] funny
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    Aug 14, 2012
    so cute!
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    Mar 19, 2011
    Reels Corner, PA.
    Somerset county. village at the crossroads of route 30 and route 160. High in the mountains of the Allegheny Front. Lots coal mines Bars and Churches. Close to Flight 93 crash site. The Ship Hotel of the Alleghenies (burnt to the ground)
    Its quiet here on the weekends when the 500 coal trucks aren't rolling past the house.
    The car is the BF hobby he builds cars and I play with chickens.
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