Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

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  1. beaglady

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    Jan 19, 2012
    A lot of those Game Commission plants look tempting, but I have to keep reminding myself not to take on new projects I won't find time to finish. I'd love to get a bundle of elderberries and one of mountain ash, but will resist temptation.
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  3. LittleMissPurdy

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    Does anyone know why the "10yrs. and more"(can't remember the rest) thread stopped?..also known as the "old-timer thread", at least that's what they called it...[​IMG].I really liked that thread, very informative w/ the people on there having alot of experience.
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    Aug 17, 2009
    SE Pennsylvania
    Big hello from berks! [​IMG]
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    Dec 6, 2011
    South-Central PA
    I believe that there was some infighting on the best way to do it got closed. And then another thread "The Natural Chicken Keeping Thread OT's Welcome was started was started...I know the original thread was reopened..but it looks like most people just migrated. many I want...wonder if we could go together on a few bundles and break stuff I really want the crabapples but not the dogwood....hmmm..may just donate those to the schools or civic groups for their planting projects.
    Last year they had all the accessories for sale....this year they're building a coop on site...and auctioning it off to benefit the 4H. Also...they had some chicks..unsure if only the 4H kids could Fiancee kept me away from them...LOL
    LOL...I'm going to try and resist...but may fail miserably.
  6. radioman

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Indiana County
    I believe she got the eggs from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio
  7. LittleMissPurdy

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    [​IMG]..Thank you guys!! * Missy..he was only doing that for YOUR own good..haha, * Radioman!..will have to check out the the information, most of the time - I'm thinking of a question & someone else posts it...asked & answered! [​IMG]
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    sorry,got "alittle" confused...haha..*Radioman-thank you
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    Feb 8, 2012
    Julian, PA
    Hello!! I am in Centre too in Julian. What kind of peeps are you getting?
  10. fisherlady

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    We ordered ours from Meyers Hatchery, In Ohio.... I didn't want them to ship from any farther than that, and they were able to do small quantities, since I only wanted 4 of each.

    Ooops... guess I should have finished going through posts before answering, I see Radioman already answered!
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