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  1. I have about 30+ of them (BLR, GL, and SL). They are 7 weeks old right now, but I ordered them from a hatchery. They are all beautiful, but I'm wondering if I can get any better if I purchase from a breeder. Was hoping to find someone local with hatching eggs or day old baby chicks to improve my lines. (Yeah, I'm thinking ahead. :p They're not even old enough to start laying yet!! lol)
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    Heatherscooby77: Thanks for the tip. I just sent her a message.
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    Gardeningmama, If you don't mind a little traveling, you could always contact Hcjink up in Lehighton. They are excellent breeders of orpingtons and I've been seeing their ad on Craigs list for chicks. Only $2.00 ea. Wish I had room for some of them myself. They are here on BYC and have a website.

    Cynazar, when I was at the Green Dragon on Friday, they had sold some SL wyndotte chicks there. Not sure on quality or anything.

    As far as prices on the hens at GD, the heritage breeds went from $12-20. I think I only saw maybe 3 good ones there? Most of the hens there were black or red sexlinks or something very similar. But I think Saturdays sale might be different from what Keith is saying.
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    Charmed: I'm going to look into the Orps too, they are my FAV! I would LOVE to add an English Splash. I've got a huge black cockerel and a black pullet both with good form that I'd like to cross for blues, but am having trouble getting true English Orps. I may have a lead on some now, but will check out Hcjnk's page as well.

    I would think that Keith would have Wyndottes as that is his screen name.

    I am hoping to drag DH to the New London Auction today to check out feeder pig prices, they were really high last sale, wonder if they've dropped. As of yet, NO enclosure for them and the new rule is that no animal comes home without an enclosure first. ~ you like that? I just made it up. This rule does NOT apply to me ~I can do that, I make the rules.

    The new outdoor run is coming along, I did get chicken wire laid down all along the outside bas, I know it's not buried as far as it's supposed to be, but it's as good as it's going to get. I may just pile a few rocks on top for good measure. It has NOW occurred to me that I should probably have painted it. At first I didn't really care if it fell apart, now.... it's starting to really be a lot of trouble, so maybe a coat of paint is in order.

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    If you are looking for good Lavender Orps, there is a great breeder in Schuylkill County (New Ringgold) named Harry Shaffer. He has Blacks, Blues, and Lavenders (as well as Lavender Ameraucanas). He's on BYC somewhere. He generally sells birds at the Green Dragon Special Sale, but i haven't talked to him in a little while to be sure. I bought my Blacks from him...great birds.

    I do have Wyandottes...Silver Laced large fowl. Mine are direct from Jerry Foley's line (in KY). I bought a group of chicks from them a few years ago. I know of another breeder in the area that has the same line. Just search "Nittany Wyandottes" online. They are near State College...or at least the Centre County area.
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    what is this green dragon sale you keep mentioning ?
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    sgtmom's link is for the weekly farmer's market, which has a quick mention of our weekly Friday evening small animal/poultry auction. We are having a Spring Auction on Saturday May 12th @ 10am and will feature more fancy and exotic birds/poultry/small animals.

    The address is 955 North State Street Ephrata, PA 17522.
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    I think one of the Ameracuana's is a boy, and the others and the EE's are all girls! Yay!
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    [​IMG] That is wonderful!!

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