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    Mar 15, 2013
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    The bubbles were coming from inside the shell right at the beak. The color is yellowish. When it first piped I saw a speck of blood. I have lowered the humidity, she seems some what glued up, but her beak is exposed and she is breathing with an occasional peep. If she is sick, should I move the hatched peeps to their brooder as a just in case?? They are only a few hrs old and are still wet looking.
    Regarding sending pictures...I have tried, but without results.
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    A. Sounds like you need some runner ducks!
    B. We've seen them at the Cherry Fair, but I think he goes to Fall Festival also. They are usually in a cage to the right of the farmhouse.
    C. I'm not sure if he sells chicks. (Swatara - do you know??) Both bators are full of goose eggs right now... [​IMG]
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    If you don't mind me asking,,, where are you getting your MARANS ???

    I'd be interested in some eggs and possibly the "soup" Roo,,, always like the look of him in his photos !!!

    GUINEAS definitely help with predators ! Not that they attack or defend,,,, they ALARM when they see something to worry about. I have many and free range about 6 to 8, there is always a "look-out" for danger, they sound off an alarm sound and everyone else pops their heads up to see what might be coming and head for cover, even the chickens learn this behavior. There is still an occassional loss, but I like them as guards.

    Word of caution; you have to be able to deal with the noise they make, they are NOT quiet birds ! The other advantage is that they LOVE eating bugs, especially ticks.

    There are many breeds for many reasons,,,, doing a little homework before you decide can save you alot of trouble later on.
    Some breeds don't do well confined, others don't do well free-ranged; example, polish can't see predators coming because of their fancy feathered heads ! Other breeds may be more territorial and become more aggressive to each other when kept in close quarters.

    And, there is always the egg production end of things,, and the maturing rate. Some larger fowl may not lay until they are much older, and may not lay as many or on as regular a basis as "egg production" breeds and crosses.

    Some say that Marans eggs are the "gourmet" of eggs,,, chefs like using them. Diet is definitely the determining factor in the color and taste of an egg. That's why backyard chicken's eggs have a better yolk color and better taste than a store bought "egg-factory" egg.
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    Hi Ray nice to see you!! Do you know if the sale at green dragon is normal on Good Friday? Can't get there with some birds this week but old next and didn't know what they did during holidays and I thought you just might know!!
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    Ohhhhhhhhhh, perhaps this will work for her! Good luck!
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    You can do it! I don't like the smell anymore. I do like pipe smoke though. I never smoked tobacco out of one, don't like cigars either. I did like clove ciggies. I had a Cuban cigar when I was on a cruise. Holy crappola, that thing made my head spin! I had to go to bed 1/4 of the way through it. It was also the sea sickness and wine!
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    Sadly, nope! I've always wanted to go/live in Pennsylvania! But I'm from Canada and I think I'm going to stay here :)
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    Where does everyone get the animated smilies?

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