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    Well, everyones definition is slightly different, but here's my personal chicken math story: You go to the local feedstore as a newbie saying, I'll get a few cute chicks and have some nice eggs for the family. So, you buy 4, because that's really enough! Then you go back to the feedstore, and the bins are just full of different kinds of adorable peeps, and because you only have 4, a couple more can't hurt. Fast forward one short year: One day you realize you have 3 Coops and 3 runs outside, Chickens in a rabbit hutch under the porch, 2 coops and 3 brooders in your house, an incubator in your bedroom with your 6th hatch of the year inside, and you lost count of how many chickens you have around 10 months ago. Chicken Math![​IMG]
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    Feb 5, 2013
    Malvern, pa

    Believe me, if you're over 40 pics never help :)
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    Oct 5, 2012
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    If that was in my back yard, there would be 6 deer sitting in lounge chairs enjoying fresh food. I would install machine gun mounts or lasers!
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    Thanks for reminding me, I need to string my hot wires outside my 5 foot welded wire fence around mine and check the battery in the charger.
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    Feb 24, 2013
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    Hi everyone. I love chicken math (its the only math I can relate to). New to having chicks. Four weeks ago we went to TSC for dog food and left with 6 chicks and 2 ducklings(I never considered raising ducks before). Following week TSC again, left with 8 chicks(couldn't leave the 2 golden comets by themselves lol) and 4 more ducklings. Third week at TSC we left with 3 kahki Campbell's and no chicks. Kicking myself for not getting some bantams but oh well chick days haven't ended yet. And that is my chicken math
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    Aug 27, 2012
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    Just got back from playing basketball and made me an egg white omlette with my lil Cochin eggs. 2 of the 12 eggs were double yolks!!! I've never seen it once before then cracked that second larger one and there it was again!!!
    Also, about chicken wife said we need dog food but afraid to send me to the mill for fear ill bring home more chicks!!!! She's smart...but I'm still goin!!!!
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    Hi there! [​IMG]

    You do know that no chicken math is complete till you do an egg color check, right??? Because not only are there a whole lot of different cute chicks... but you really need the egg rainbow!!! Blue, light blue, green, olive green,ligt brown, medium brown and dark brown, pink and white.... some even have speckles too!!!! [​IMG][​IMG]

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    Mar 19, 2013
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    Finally a MATH I CAN DO!!! [​IMG] When the boys bring home the other kind......I just kinda say "Go see your father". My dept. is the english, social studies, history, science. He gets the math.
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    No, I was good...he's actually the one who teared up at the ceremony. And as to being up at that godawful hour? Being a good wife of course. He gets up that early to get ready for work. I couldn't very well let him make his own breakfast the first day of our marriage. So I got up and made him Fried eggs and English Muffins. Waited while he got showered and out the door, and then I went back to bed!

    LMAO....I think DH would hang out alot more if I put machine gun mounts around the garden, thanks for the idea!

    Chicken math: "Hunny, I think we should have chickens, we go through so many eggs with the kids here"
    I think 6-8 hens will be more than enough" He responds by giving you a Kindle...and then regrets it when you do research. After doing your research, you settle on 11 breeds that you must have, and he comments on how pretty silver sebrights are. You of course realize that they're not practical, so you discount that idea. You have now decided that you must have 3 of each breed, because you are after all getting straight run, and with your luck (and you will be proven right) you will end up with some (did I say some, try lots) of roosters, and some of course will die/be taken by hawks, etc. So now you've agreed to 3x11=33. (doesn't look much like 6-8 does it?) THEN you go to a chicken seminar, and there happens to be a local breeder of silver sebrights...and he's giving some of the roos away...for free! You talk to him, and give him your number....and about 3 hours later, he tells you to come pick up a trio. Now 33+3=36. The summer goes on, and someone posts free ducks on craigslist, and you call and tell them you'll take 2 of the 6....they call back and beg you to take all 6. You do...but these ducks are stupid...and fly into the field to sleep at night....owls love stupid ducks. 1 lone duck remains. You decide you want to incubate the tiny sebright eggs, and some lovely person on here agrees to do it for you. Out of 10 eggs...only 2 make it. So they feel bad and bring you the 2 tiny ones, 1 Salmon Favorelle chick and 5 ducks. THAT is chicken/duck/turkey/gamebird/guinea/quail math. None of us seem to figure out subtraction or division though.
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    Dec 6, 2011
    South-Central PA

    Chad, it's more common in young hens to get double yolks. For months I was getting one from one of the hens, I think she's finally outgrown it :(
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