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    Question..what is the difference between an incubator and a hatcher? also, if it is an "automatic-turner"- that means you don't touch a thing?..well, besides setting temp. and humidity..right?
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    Aug 23, 2012
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    Oh NO!!!! I hope you are trying to sleep?

    I took a sleeping pill today in hopes I could sleep longer than an hour or two NOT with this family!!!

    But they learned to leave me alone as I havent been the nicest happiest of people right now. I am a real beeauch for sure!

    I sent them away to go cut a tree at the tree arm and they come home, destroy the house, fill up my sink with dirty dishes, put up the christmas tree and in about .15 minutes itcrashes to the floor AFTER taking everything nearby down with it.....

    did I mention I TOLD Hubby to use little pcs of wood shims to help hold the screws????????????? OF course he doesnt listen and then of course I find out he filled the base of the tree holder with stone... aaaahhhh hello mr hubby... there is a sharp center in the bottom of the tree stand for a reason!!! so he had to take it all back outside and dump stones and REgroup.... but it sure looks pretty with white lights and a star.... thinking perhaps we should leave it as it is with no decorations!!!

    But he is filling in for me and ATTEMPTING to make homemade icecream with the kiddos.... as I type I am giggling at him, well at least as I can giggle and choke from not being able to breath..... He makes the cream and puts it in the old tin that turns it to ice cream and it leaks all over the counter. I am NOT even getting involved in that one!!! But kids are fortunate instead of throwing it and freaking he started a new batch after soldering the bucket hole... I hope it gets good as I sure would love some good old fashioned ice cream!!! YUM!!! This could be a loooooonnnggg night he he he
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    I didn't buy anything either,, I did notice the Columbian Roo,,,, nice little bird.
    I'm always tempted to bid on Royal Palm Turkeys,,, just not sure if I'm ready for turkeys just yet.

    Do you go to the auction regularly ???
  4. msladyhawke

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    The people next to me bought the royal palms, LOL.
    I go if I can get off work early enough to get evening chores (dogs & chickens) done and make it up there at a decent time.
    Thank goodness Reinholds didn't get my roo. He went to a couple with a young boy that seemed excited to get him...
  5. msladyhawke

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    He is a wonderfully marked bird but his comb wasn't up to snuff (for shows anyway) and I was advised it is hard to correct that. I have some of his offspring and need to bring in some new birds in the spring to try and improve a bit.
  6. Ray from PA

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    I know what you mean about Reinholds not getting him,,,, he has gotten alot of my BCM Roos,,,, for next to nothing at that, since I have trouble getting there early enough to have my stuff sell earlier in the night... Seems like once 9:00 hits prices fall and he gets almost everything for next to nothing... And I can't stand to watch him handle birds,, the way he just throws them into his crates.
  7. msladyhawke

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    THAT is exactly my issue. I understand the circle of life, etc., but the man is uncaring and brutal with the animals after he buys them. There is no need for cruelty. I've seen him slam crate lids while legs or wings are still sticking out. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG]..okay, think I pretty much found my, alot to read..[​IMG],boy, and the prices of some of these things..uhuh..
  9. msladyhawke

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    If you want something small to start I really love my brinsea mini advance.
    I bought it directly from the brinsea website when it was on sale, plus I searched "brinsea coupon codes" online and got free shipping as well, or something like that I think.
  10. LittleMissPurdy

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    yes, i was looking on ebay and "other" sites, just getting an idea of what they are priceing around, was also looking at different models/types. yeah, i'm loking at starting small..was only supposed to be looking for juveniles to start[​IMG],but "someone" was-all..hatch,hatch, i'm looking..[​IMG]thank you for the feedback[​IMG]

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