People Who Probably Shouldn't Be Members...

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There is someone who my friend (*wink*) thinks keeps posting comments that border on disturbing. It smacks of creating posts just to ruffle feathers. Like they are lying just to be creepy and upset actual chicken owners.
Unfortunately I don't think the mods notice these type of friends as much as some of us regular posters do.

Report the posts.

All of them.
Interesting questions!

One of the hardest aspects of running such a huge forum community is that each situation needs to be reviewed. This can sometimes take a lot of reading, discussion, and time.

The same applies to how we deal with individual members. There are a LOT of variables that come into play. That said, blatantly disregarding our rules and disrespecting our moderators will definitely get someone speedily towards a permanent ban from BYC!
Not open for further replies.

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