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Hi every one hope you are all keeping well, I have a small problem with my girl's since i have had them I've put perch's up for them but they will not use them. when they all go to bed they all huddle together at the front of the coop, they use the nest box,s all right and they hang out in the coop but they don't use there perch's. please could any one tell what i,m doing wrong.
Here are TWO tips to help you out...

FIRST... The youngsters tend to PARTY to late to roost. They are AFRAID of the dark, so they don't go into the coop until the last possible moment. That tends to be too late and too dark to find their way to the roosting bars. Hence they find they way to the nesting boxes instead. A little light can help ease the transition.

SECOND. ... Not everyone instinctively uses a roosting bar. You may have to go out there at dusk a few nights in the row and place them on the roosting bars. I promise you, it is a monkey see monkey do kind of thing. Once a few of them figure it out, the rest will too.

Good Luck... Let's know how it goes!
Oh one more thing... birds like the highest spot. So, if your nesting boxes are HIGHER than the roosts, the birds are going to choose the nesting boxes..
TWO MORE POINTS If you have bantams like silkies they may never use a perch but choose to sleep on the floor.which really doesn't matter and if your girls are sleeping in the nest boxes you may want to close them off at night. Chickens poop all night long and this will make for dirty nest boxes and eggs.
Hi Happy call duck here, Thanks for your help. we have now put the girls in there new coop, they all seem to love there new home. when it was time for them to go in, i went in with them and they were all on the floor so i picked each one up, put them on there perch's and now when they go to bed they all go to sleep on there perch's. THAN K'S SO MUCH

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