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Mar 31, 2016

Very excited for our first eggs from our 18 week old hens. I think 3 out of our 13 girls are laying. I believe 2 gold sex links and one rhode island red. They are beautiful, healthy looking eggs, although sometimes small. Someone told me that first eggs are normally deformed in some way. I do like thinking that my girls are well spoiled overachievers, but... Is this true?
Welcome to BYC!
CONGRATS on those first eggs!
Have you eaten them yet? I'm sure they'll be delicious!

You know, all pullets are different. Sometimes their first eggs are misshapen, discolored and very odd looking, whereas other times they are almost normal. My pullets' first eggs were pretty normal looking too. I guess our pullets are just masters from the beginning.
Thank you! We did finally eat them. After waiting so long, it felt very wrong to crack their beautiful little gifts. They were tasty, though. We are now enjoying checking the nest box for new eggs many times a day. We have hot Nor-Cal summers and I don't imagine it would be good for the eggs to sit out in the heat for long.

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