Peritonitis questions.


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
I have a hen with ascites from suspected egg yolk peritonitis. About a month ago my vet drained nearly 2liters of yellow fluid from her and she's been slowly filling back up since- the only difference is this time her belly feels solid whereas a month ago it was like a water balloon (any ideas on that?). She is very skinny and not eating much these days-tho I did get her to eat a bit of watered down food tonight and she will usually take treats.
She was on meloxicam and I've been giving her dandelion/milk thistle supplements.

I came across these 2 sites and have questions (sites listed below...the new IOS isn't liking this site):
Should I buy her a different type of feed? What is the harm in the layer feed?
Should she be on a diuretic??
Is there a medication or supplement to help her absorb the egg yolk??
Should I ask for more meloxicam?

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