Permethrin 10% Dip


8 Years
Jan 5, 2012
I too have been looking for this information.. and after reading and searching some more... I have found that the ration recomended is 1.28 ounces of 10% permethrin to 1 gallon of water for dipping.. animals
hopefully foul are in this catergory..
I made a spray up using 6.5 ounces of 10% to a gallon of water for spraying the coop and roosts and all.
it did help.. just sparying.. and I dipped the chickens in a strong solution of basic H which is non toxic for sure..
What I failed to do was re-apply the sray and redip the girls for the next hatching of eggs .. so I missed some.. and they came back with a vengance!! so the 5-8 birds affected has not spread to the whole group.. of 15 or so... it seems to only affect my girls in the coop as I have a side yard of 9 other chickens that do not go in the coop yet, and are not having the problem.. so short of burning the coop down.. Im going to dip the chickens affected and respray the coop again inside and out and the ground surrounding the area...
Im gonna burn the litter from out of the coop.. and Im gonna treat the area around the perimeter of the yard...
I thought I had this under control... wow what a job..
Good luck hope this info helps

ratio dip chickens in permethrin... this is what I googled to get info..
and can I dip my chickens with 10% permithrin

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