Permethrin 10% & eating eggs

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  1. I was wondering if I can eat eggs if I apply the Permethrin 10% to my birds, and coops to prevent mites, and lice. It is a spray.

    If not, how long should I wait to eat them. It says do not ship swine for slaughter within 5 days of last treatment. Im guessing 5 days would be safe for poultry? Maybe just washing the eggs off?
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    I don't know about permethrin. I spoke to an Ag professor at U of Arkansas about using eggs after dusting with Sevin. He said it was not a problem. I'd suggest calling your county extension agent (look in the phone book under county government) and ask them. You could also contact the manufacturer of the permethrin but I'd think you'd have better luck with the county extension office.
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    I use permethrin, too. I guess I never thought about it. My girls aren't laying yet so I haven't had any eggs to consider. Will you let us know what you find out. Thanks for posting this question!
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    I treated my chickens with permethrin yesterday, and I don't know how to do with their eggs today. Should I eat them? Anyone has any idea? Thanks!
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    I have the same problem with lice right now and I just got done spraying with permethrin. I called my local extension office to ask advice about meat and eggs and they say they can find nothing to suggest that meat or eggs need a withdrawal period. They told me I 'should be ok'.

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    I'm using Permethrin dust on my chix also, and I noticed at the store that you can buy it either as Poultry Dust, or as Garden Sprinkle. Same concentration and everything. The garden sprinkle had some guidelines about waiting to eat stuff you sprinkled, and it was only a day. wait one day to eat peppers, and no wait at all to eat tomato fruits. so..... I'd think that eggs must be ok.
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    When spraying chickens with Permethrin, - spray directly onto affected area ? some of my girls are missing feathers around their vent- mites ? What ratio do I mix in 1 gallon sprayer ?> joe
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    2 Tablespoons of 10% permethrin with 1 gallon of water.

    I spray one time under each wing and 1 spray to the vent area. I clean out the coop and spray the entire coop, even nestboxes and roosts, and don't let the chickens in the coop until it's totally dry then I add the bedding and let the girls in. I know this is old, but I hope it can help someone.

    I use a fine mist bottle sprayer on the birds and a 1 gallon sprayer... the kind people usually use to spray weeds for the coop.
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    @Oldtymegal very happy to help. I just did my silkies & their coop a few days ago... now I have to tackle the big coop [​IMG]
  10. As far as i am aware there is currently no withdrawal period for the eggs or the meat if you use Permethrin. This can change as different activist become involved. There also is no fast and hard rule about either Sevin or any other miteicide

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