Permethrin in run?


5 Years
Jun 14, 2014
Today was chicken coop cleanout day and, it being Mother's Day, I asked my husband to do it for me. I also asked him to dust the coop with permethrin, as one of our hens has a mite problem (we've dusted all the hens several times, as well). Well, he did, but he also dusted the entire outdoor run. We're also deworming the hens (they have roundworms), so my plan was to do a full clean out again once we finish the next round of wormer (in a few weeks), and to do a full wash out - hose and all - to remove the permethrin. I'm a bit flumoxed about how to remove it from the run, however. Anyone have any suggestions about how to do so? I'd like to be able to eat their eggs some time in the next century!

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